How it works

Registration: The first step to begin your journey with TimeMoneyAds is to register. Our registration process is incredibly simple – we don't require anything from members other than activating their verification link. And the best part? There are no upfront fees – it's completely free to join!

Deposit Details: Once you've completed the registration process, you can proceed to make a deposit. Our deposit process is instant and automatic upon receipt of payment. Simply make your deposit, and your account will be credited automatically, enabling you to start purchasing adpacks and earning revenue share immediately. Additionally, you can also purchase other forms of advertising available on our platform to enhance your marketing strategies.

1. Purchase Adpacks
To get started with TimeMoneyAds, simply purchase adpacks starting at just $1 each. Once you've purchased adpacks, you'll receive login ads and banner ads which you can use at your convenience. Whether you use them immediately or save them for later, the revenue-sharing engine will start distributing earnings every 60 minutes. This means that even if you don't utilize your advertising credits right away, you'll still begin earning from the moment you purchase adpacks.

2. Earn Revenue Share
Once you purchase adpacks, they start generating returns right away through our hourly revenue-sharing model. Each adpack earns up to 2% daily, but we strive to provide a daily return of 2% and a potential total return as follows:

  • Level 1 adpacks have a total return of 120%.
  • Level 2 adpacks have a total return of 125%.
  • Level 3 adpacks have a total return of 130%.
  • Level 4 adpacks have a total return of 135%.
  • Level 5 adpacks have a total return of 140%.
  • Level 6 adpacks have a total return of 145%.
  • Level 7 adpacks have a total return of 150%.

For example, if adpacks earn 2% daily, here's how it translates over time:

  • A Level 1 adpack may have a return period of approximately 60 days, resulting in a total return of $1.20.
  • A Level 7 adpack may have a longer return period, such as 75 days, resulting in a total return of $1.50.

While each adpack earns up to 2% daily, the total return and return period for each level may differ based on various factors.

3. Unlocking Adpack Levels:
TimeMoneyAds operates on a tiered adpack system with seven levels. Each level allows members to purchase a maximum number of adpacks as follows:

  • Level 1: Maximum 100 adpacks.
  • Level 2: Maximum 200 adpacks.
  • Level 3: Maximum 500 adpacks.
  • Level 4: Maximum 1000 adpacks.
  • Level 5: Maximum 2000 adpacks.
  • Level 6: Maximum 4000 adpacks.
  • Level 7: Unlimited adpack purchases.

Every member starts at Level 1, where you can purchase a maximum of 100 adpacks. Once you reach 100 adpacks, you unlock Level 2. To progress to Level 3, you need to purchase an additional 200 adpacks in Level 2. This pattern continues for each subsequent level. So, to unlock Level 4, you'll need to purchase 500 adpacks in Level 3, and so on.

4. Referral Bonuses
Invite friends to join TimeMoneyAds and earn a direct referral bonus of 10% on their purchases. Stay tuned for future updates as we unlock referral levels up to level 3, offering even more earning opportunities!

5. Track Your Progress
Stay informed about your earnings and adpack status through our user-friendly dashboard. Monitor your progress, track your earnings, and optimize your strategies to achieve your financial goals.

6. Withdraw Your Earnings
When you're ready to withdraw your earnings, simply initiate the process through our platform. In most cases, withdrawals are processed as soon as possible. However, in some instances, please allow up to 24 hours for your withdrawal to be processed. Rest assured, we strive to make the withdrawal process as smooth and efficient as possible for your convenience.

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